Luxury fur designers, crafting exquisite pieces for discerning global clients worldwide. With a legacy of quality and style, which dates back to 1990, we cater to delivering utmost perfection to our clintele, setting new standards in fur fashion.


The everlasting epitome of marvelous essence since 1990, Juliano Furs has been curating the finest soft furs that reflect the silhouette of opulence and elegance. Crafted with love, every piece of our winter wardrobe from the warmest winter coats, and jackets, to bombers and vests delivers comforting warm feelings and timeless fashion statements to clientele worldwide.



Style up the handsome man in you with the versatile range of long coats and jackets made with pure mink fur, fox fur, rabbit fur, swakara fur and chinchilla fur. This versatile winter collection not only makes you stand out in the crowd but also gives you warmth and comfort.



Delve into the divine decadent collection of mink fur, rabbit fur, and fox fur coats and jackets for women where cushion-smooth textures and detailed aesthetic patterns define decency in every style. This winter style out with an extraordinary touch of glamor and sophistication.




I recently bought a Fox fur jacket from Juliano Furs, and it came in absolutely perfect. The fur is soft and luxurious, and the fit is impeccable. I can say that this brand will become my go-to destination for fur outerwear in the future.

Sana Gilani

Juliano Furs has amazed me with the quality of their Fox Jacket. The jacket is not only stylish but it is also soft and keeps me warm. I’d recommend Juliano Furs to those in search of top-notch fur products. Their quality and elegance are a 10/10.

Shre Sharma

I recently invested in a Fox Fur Jacket from Juliano Furs, and it's a masterpiece. The fur is so soft and luscious that it feels like a warm hug. My family loved it too!

Alexis Lynn Smith

My recent experience with Juliano Furs has been nothing but exceptional. I ordered a Fur Coat from them, and it has become the highlight of my wardrobe. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the coat are truly remarkable. Plus, their team is extremely friendly and helpful, making the whole process a walk in the park!

Elsa Iceandice

I found Juliano Furs on Instagram while searching for a fur jacket, and I was impressed. The mink fur jacket I got from them is unbelievably soft and warm. It's become my favorite fur piece, and I can’t wait to style it!

Maha Musaddaq