How To Choose The Perfect Winter Coats

Winter is a month to enjoy cozy feelings, warm hugs, hot chocolate, coffee, and winter coats. Usually, males spend most of their hours outside hence winter coats for men must adhere to the world of fashion and comfort. Moreover, they should go with every outfit in your closet, and be flexible to carry them with any style you want to create for the day

Whether you are going to style for a night party or a day event, you have to be very selective about the size, color shade, and fitting when choosing coats for men. Though it doesn’t seem like boys are very conscious about their looks, they want to be the style icon everyone wants to follow.

Fitting Size

Since the fit form of outerwear varies greatly, knowing what you require is the initial stage. While some coats end at the waist, others are longer and can conceal a suit jacket or button-down shirt that isn't tucked in. For added warmth, some include hoods or high necks.

To ensure that your coat fits properly, it's a good idea to get one size larger than your blazer or suit jacket. This allows you to move about a little and keeps your coat from making you feel too small. This may not, however, hold for every coat. For example, you don't need to get a larger size in modern trench coats because they may be worn over your suit.

Even though down coats tend to be less defined than wool coats, wearing a coat that is too large will make you look overweight and less put together. These three fit tips are our top picks:

Check The Shoulder First

The fitting of shoulder size for coats for men exactly applies the same rules as that of shirts and jackets. Make sure that the shoulder seam meets and aligns with the end of the shoulder and do not go beyond that.  For the measurement of outwear like this,  you ought to wear a simple suit jacket or sweater underneath it.  Moreover, the sleeves of the coat must be long to cover everything you wear inside, and no sleeves or cuffs should be seen on the top shirt or sweater. It may be possible the longer the sleeves the heavier the fur of the coat may look even covering up to the inch of your palm. 

Neck Space

It doesn’t look nice if there is enough gap between the neck and coat collar,  so you need to have one that is flat and safe around the neck, across the shoulders, and back without pulling or folding. On the other hand seems fitting to clothing. Ensure that the collar fits comfortably and closes all the way around if it has a fastening that can be worn around the neck for added warmth, such as a pea coat.

Perfectly Fit To The Body

The coat though it may seem puffy, should fit your body and and bring out the shape of your body without being tight from anywhere.  When you buy the coat check by wearing it whether its front is comfortably touching and flat against the body and the chest and should have some space in between them. Most people brag about the lot of space in the coat which makes them add extra layers underneath instead it feels like they are overstuffing. You need to make sure your coat has enough space to add up an extra layer of tops underneath without being too tight or even a heavy look. To guarantee a comfortable fit, button or zip your coat from the waist up. Most fasteners below the waist are often left unfastened to allow for easy mobility. Every fastener point should be free of tension or tugging; if you notice these stress lines, the coat is too tight.

Neutral Or Bold Colors- Choose Yours

Coats mostly are seen in dark wooden brown, black, and navy blue, these are bright solid colors that go dominant in snowy winters. However neutral shades have their own part of throwing elegance on the one who wears it. The white-greyish tone,  white and brown wolf color shades, and olive green create a unique mesmerizing look that turns heads. These neutral shades look good when you wear them on a snowy morning and style them up with bold color accessories like a black beanie, or dark brown muffler/scarf. 

The unique or somewhat unnatural shades like red, magenta, and sky blue color would also going to rock your personality especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. Though they look weird,  yet when carried in beautiful style with accessories they look amazingly satisfying to the eyes. Also, keep in mind to carry any shade in a style that makes you a fashion icon for everyone to follow. 

Choose Real  Fur Type 

There are various types of fur,  the point is to look for a coat having real fur rather than synthetic for it will keep its shine and fabric quality forever in the years to come. Moreover, real fur is more sustainable, and no harm is done to the animals in the process of making one. The coat made of real fur will be worth your money as its long-lasting quality remains forever unlike that of synthetic fur. You can see mink, rabbit, chinchilla, swakara, and fox fur all different in textures, look, and shine making their uniqueness that makes it more fascinating to buy. 

Final Thoughts

So next time you search for the online store or step into the physical store to buy winter coats for men, you need to be very conscious about fitting. No matter whether you are bulky, fat, or smartly thin, you should buy a fur coat that can hold extra layers of sweaters or tops without being too tight on the body. Secondly, it's up to you which shade you want to wear because, in the end, it's all about how you carry it with an outstanding fashion sense.